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JCV Investments

About Carlos Varum 

JCV Investments started investing and reviving buildings in this great city of Providence, RI in 2010. The owners, Carlos Varum and his wife, have a passion for bringing properties back to life and creating great apartments for our residents in the city. 

Their Mission is to create Quality Apartments and provide Quality Management and helping People feel Happy about where they live.

In 2013, they expanded and brought on another investor and created its sister company JICĀ² Properties. The two companies collectively have 50 quality apartments in the Providence Area.

The Founder and President of JCV Investments and JIC Properties was brought up in a family that has built, renovated, owned and managed real estate for decades. 

Carlos has his BS in Computer Engineering from Northeastern University and a Master's in Management from Emmanuel College.

He had previously worked in project and budget management for over 10 years as the Director of IT at a college in Boston and uses these skills and expertise to continue to grow and operate these companies.